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Using Weebly to build your Classroom Website

Here’s a follow-up to an earlier Weebly post:

There have been increasing numbers of educators who find that a classroom website is a good way to stay organized.  Here are some basic, very useful functions:

  • Announcements
  • Class Calendar
  • Homework Assignments
  • Supply Lists
  • Pictures
  • Post Student Work
  • Parent Involvement/Volunteer Opportunities
  • Classroom Rules and Policies
  • Links
  • Your Bio and Contact Info

A website is more informative, while a blog, ning or wiki is more interactive because they allow students to contribute.  I actually suggest having both.  But because blogs, nings and wikis require constant maintenance, it’s nice to have a website that is super-easy to build and edit.

I suggest using Weebly for this.  It’s free and extremely user-friendly.


Here are some classroom websites built on Weebly:

If you have a Weebly website, or plan to get one, please share your URL in the comments!



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Weebly Rocks! Build a classroom website, or one for each student!

While visiting San Francisco, I had the pleasure of attending a spontaneous party – we were celebrating Weebly‘s 1,000,000th user!

A proud moment in the Weebly office

A proud moment in the Weebly office

Not only is this a quality website-building tool that everyone can enjoy but, specifically, many teachers have found that it offers a very easy and streamlined solution for organizing their classrooms. Here are some examples:

A high school math site called Mrs. Tentoni’s Algebra II

A P.E. teacher’s site

A kindergarten teacher’s site, Mrs. Boggess’s Kindergarten Web Page

A friend of mine set up a Weebly page for her son’s class – the teacher and the other parents loved it so much, Camille made a screencast about classroom Weebly’s so that others could tap in to the power of this tool.

Check it out:

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