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Bloom’s Taxonomy for the Digital Age – Integrating Technology

Integrating technology into curriculum has been a popular topic in the blogosphere for some time now.  I’m starting to find more and more concrete, applicable ideas that have the potential to be easily integrated – thank goodness for collaboration.  I feel like we’re getting somewhere.

Check this out –    Andrew Churches’  “Bloom’s Digital Taxonomy v.2.12“.

  • He brilliantly updates the 7 scaffolded levels with web-based skills such as searching, bookmarking, blogging, and collaboration and includes rubrics and exemplars of performance.
  • He’s actually been talking about this for almost two years.  Here, he offers digital alternatives for normal classroom activities, along with tools that can easily be used.

Another cool find – Stacy Baker’s blog on how she’s using technology in her Biology class.

  • My favorite find here, so far, is this amazing rubric that she has her students post on their blog or wiki page, where they have to justify their mastery of different 21st century skills – searching, publishing, reaching out to experts and more (this is the ideal performance).  Here’s the blank version that they have to fill out.


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