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Daily Toolbox – for Educators or anyone


I read a recent post by Claire Thompson called “Tools and Sites I Use – One Year Later“.  I really like what she did – last January, she blogged about the tools that she used regularly, and now she’s gone back and reviewed and updated that list.  Sounds like a fun way to reflect.

Here’s my list of tools/sites that I use just about every day:

  • twitter – probably my favorite tool now, the center of my PLN (personal learning network)
  • gmail – one personal account and one work account
  • Facebook – keep in touch with old friends and former students
  • Netvibes – my RSS reader, how I keep up with my favorite blogs (or try to, at least)
  • Firefox – just curious if I’ll still be using it next year, or a different browser like Chrome
  • WordPress – where I house this blog, and read many others
  • Lighthouse – more for my company; great, free application that enables teamwork and good project management
  • Yammer – microblogging, within an organization – basically there are about 8 of us at Inigral, Inc. that keep up with each other this way.
  • diigo – social bookmarking site where I keep my favorites and love following the daily links that I get via e-mail, through the Classroom 2.0 group.
  • Jing – slick image/video capture and sharing tool
  • Youtube – I end up watching something on here every day.  Will it hold its own against the competition this year?
  • Microsoft Office – (threw this one on here to see if I’m still using Word and Excel next year….I’m actually rooting for Google Docs!)

Tools I hope to use more:

  • Classroom 2.0 – an outstanding Ning with great discussions and many interesting educators to connect with
  • LinkdIn – professional networking site – you can find very unique skill sets here
  • Evernote – keeps track of life, in general, with to-do lists, pictures, voice notes, and more
  • Backtype – how I keep track of commenting on blogs – need to figure out how to tap into its full potential
  • Younoodle – a startup networking site
  • Flickr – I hope to start posting more pics
  • Any iPhone app, period – hope to get one soon!

Now….hopefully I’ll remember this next January 🙂

What do you use that’s not on my list?



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Some Interesting Links

I must admit that I’m borrowing this idea from the incredible Vicki Davis, but I’ve been coming across so many neat websites that I’ve just got to share them:

Create Debate – A new social network focused on discussing issues (or non-issues, for that mater!). Easy to use, a debate could be set up by a teacher, or the site could be used to help students practice formulating arguments. (thanks to David Warlick for posting about this)

Posterous.com – this has to be the easiest, most accessible blog EVER! No need to register, just send an email to post@posterous.com and you’ve got an entry with the subject line as your heading and the body of the email as your post.

The New York Time Learning Network Lesson Plans – this has lesson plans that are so flushed out that you’re certain to find something that you can use. They bridge literacy with current events and in-depth synthesis of recent articles, with links and a huge range of questions and activities surrounding the articles. The home page has many more resources for teachers, as well as for students, such as the ‘test prep question of the day’.

An innovative video explaining the beauty of Web 2.0 on YouTube.

An Anthropological Introduction to YouTube – Captivating presentation on the evolution and relevance of YouTube in breeding collaboration. An hour long, but it’s worth the watch. (thanks to Ewan McIntosh for mentioning it on his blog)

Also, just thought I’d throw in a word-of-the-day:

folksonomy: a type of classification system for online content, created by an individual user who tags information with freely chosen keywords; also, the cooperation of a group of people to create such a classification system. (from dictionary.com)

Ex: A key aspect of Web 2.0 is describing content through folksonomies and evaluating content via user-rating. (from SQA)

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A basic Web 2.0 toolbox for teachers

I just returned from a few days of vacation, only to find myself trying to catch back up with all of the new websites and applications that I have discovered/been shown in the past few weeks.  It took me some time to find all of these, and even more time to figure out how to best put them to use.  Maybe it would be helpful for me to share the collection with others, with brief descriptions and links.


WordPress: Well, you’re already here, which is a good sign that you know what it is.  I highly suggest starting your own blog if you don’t have one because it’s easy, fun, and opens the door to conversation and collaboration.  There are other good, free blogging sites like Blogger, MoveableType, and many more.

Netvibes: This is one of many feed readers, a.k.a. news aggregators or blog managers.  You organize a page where you can keep up with all of the blogs that you read, instead of visiting every single one to see if there have been any new posts.  There are other feed readers, such as Pageflakes and Google Reader, but I like how this one works.

Facebook: Probably the most useful social networking website, especially because of all of the applications that you can run while logged in.

Delicious: A Delicious account allows you to tag, manage and share your web bookmarks.  This is very helpful if you use multiple computers because your bookmarks will now be organized from this website, so that they can be accessed from everywhere.  You can also share bookmarks with other people very easily and see what others are bookmarking.

Wikispaces: A place to put up information, pictures, links, etc, that can be accessed by a specific group of people, such as a class or a group of teachers.  You also have the option of allowing all members to edit the space so that, for example, group pictures can be shared or you can have an open discussion about a classroom topic, and much more.  Forget about group emails!!!  Post new information on your wiki!

Classroom 2.0: A wonderful social networking site for anyone interested in “web 2.0 and collaborative technologies in education”.  Discussion topics are organized very clearly, helping to facilitate rich conversations.  

Dropbox:  A really cool tool that allows people to simultaneously work on the same files and share them over the internet.  This would be very useful for teachers who collaborate on lesson plans and other documents. 

Technorati: A site where you can register your blog and find other blogs based on topic and popularity.  It is a very strong and streamlined blog-search-engine with over 100 million blogs registered.

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