Ten Free Web 2.0 Tools for the Classroom

– guest post by Karen Schweitzer

Where to Find Free Web 2.0 Tools for the Classroom

Teachers who want to put web 2.0 technologies to work for them can find many different free options online. There are tools for creating online classrooms, social networks, student podcasts, web-based flashcards, elearning modules, and much more. Here are 10 free web 2.0 tools for teachers to try in the classroom this year.

Engrade – This popular online classroom community provides a free set of web-based tools for teachers who want to integrate web 2.0 into the classroom. Tools include an online assignment calendar, an online gradebook, an online attendance book, secure online messaging, and instant progress reports. Engrade is a great way for teachers to constantly stay in touch with students, parents, and administrators.

Engrade logocramberry logoelgg logo

Elgg – This social engine provides all of the tools a school or classroom needs to create their own community site or social network. Elgg is an open source program, which means it is free for everyone to use, and includes an online community where users can learn and share their experiences.

Cramberry – Cramberry is a unique site that makes it easy for students to learn and study new material through online flashcards. Students or teachers can make customized sets of cards that can be printed or studied online. When students choose to study online, Cramberry tracks learning progress, builds study schedules, and shows cards in a specific order so that students can get extra practice with the cards they have trouble with and stay current with other cards.

PodBean.com logoPodBean – More than 200,000 people have used PodBean’s free publishing tools to create and publish their own podcasts. PodBean’s tools work especially well for classrooms. There is no tech to learn–podcast episodes can be uploaded and published in a matter of minutes.

Eduslide logoEduslide – Teachers can use Eduslide to deliver elearning modules to students inside and outside the classroom. Modules can include multiple lessons with text, slides, flashcards, links to other sites, audio, and video. Teachers can also access lessons created by other Eduslide users.

Writeboard – Writeboard is a free web-based tool that allows students to easily collaborate on a single document online. Different versions of the document are automatically trackeWriteboard logod and saved so that old ideas are never lost and can be easily monitored by teachers. Created Writeboards are always kept private and can only be accessed by people with the password.

Web-Chops logoWeb-Chops – This free web tool is perfect for teachers who want to share websites with students but want to get rid of ads and other questionable material. Web-Chops allows users to “clip” any part of a web page and rearrange clips onto a custom page that can be shared with other people.

Yugma – Yugma is an excellent tool for teachers who want to share their desktops with other students in the classroom or conduct parent-teacher conferences online. The site’s free service supports up to 20 attendees at one time and includes 24/7 support through forums, tutorials, and new user guides.

Yugma logo knowitall.org logo

Knowitall.org – Designed specifically for the classroom, this network of education sites can be used to engage k-12 students in learning. Sites include videos, simulations, image collections, virtual field trips, games, and interactive learning experiences.

Arcademic Skill Builders logoArcademic Skill Builders – This site provides free, educational video games that are research-based and standards-aligned. Games can be played alone or with multiple players and provide a safe environment where students can learn and have fun at the same time. While playing a game, students cannot be contacted by anyone outside the classroom.

Guest post from education writer Karen Schweitzer. Karen is the author of the About.com Guide to Business School and also writes about online degree programs for OnlineDegreePrograms.org.


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29 responses to “Ten Free Web 2.0 Tools for the Classroom

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  3. Great tool for organizing group work can be found at http://www.mixteams.com. You can make teams and manage the time via the classromm projector.

  4. Seth Sanford

    Dear Karen,

    I’m writing to suggest the addition of http://www.school-counselor.org as a resource on your website/blog. This website provides helpful insight into the field of school counseling for those who are performing their career exploration or simply interested in learning more. It seems like it would be a worthy link on your blog.

    Hope this is helpful,

    Seth Sanford

  5. Jenna

    Hi, I just wanted to say that I am really enjoying your blog! I’m a 9th grade teacher and a blogger as well. Keep the updates coming!

  6. 100% free no strings attached online test generator. http://www.simplevle.com is basically a free and simple Blackboard-like website. Check it out…

  7. John Rutherford

    http://www.what2learn.com – thousands of interactive learning games covering most subject areas. Student scores aare recorded so can be used for tests and for homework.
    It has a learning game creator so you can quickly create your own quizzes.
    Totally free to access and free of ads.

  8. It’s a good knowledge sharing website. I appreciated your work and knowledge. Thank for this. Website Designing and Development Company

  9. This is a great resource, thanks! I am going to post a link to my website and I will add you to my blogroll!

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  12. Andrew

    WOW! This stuff is incredible – new for me, but probably old news to the rest of the world. I gotta get up to speed! Awesome!

  13. This is very relevant to today’s teaching. Have you ever used the goanimate.com to have students create free animations or Facebook as a learning tool? I’m trying to incorporate web 2.0 applications with creative writing. So far, I haven’t found many negatives. Please let me know if you have any negative experiences. These free applications are a great way to capture students’ attention. Thank you for putting them up.

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  15. Hi!
    Have you tried http://en-redAlumnos.com? It is a free web-based Social Learning Environment, in some ways similar to Engrade, but allows a higher grade of social tools, sutents can manage their own groups, there is a public community, groups can be set as private, social or public an many other features! Try it, it is easy and free!
    See you at redAlumnos

  16. I have saved this link on the chance that I become a classroom teacher again. Thanks so much for compiling this extensive list!

  17. loremipsem

    Reblogged this on Tommy found a real book. and commented:
    Some great tools here for teachers wanting to try some new tools in their classrooms. It certainly shakes up your practice and makes you think about what you’re doing and why you’re doing it.

  18. Hello Onceateacher,
    On a similar note,, I’m tutoring my younger cousin and I can’t go to his house right now because they have a small disabled child who contracts illness easily and I’m sick with a cold right now.
    So I want to tutor him online through an online classroom that I can create and give him the link to.
    I’m broke so don’t suggest anything that I must buy. Also, I would rather not download anything so if it’s web-based that would be great…

    Features I need:
    Microphone and webcam chat
    Ability to restrict features from my cousin
    Application/screen sharing

    Please don’t suggest using MSN or some chat application to teach…I need serious teaching tools.

    Kindest Regards

  19. Hey great thanks for the Web 2.0 tools information which you have provided it will certainly help.

  20. Reblogged this on fairburnmom and commented:
    10 Free Web 2.0 sites for educators

  21. Wow! After all I got a web site from where I be capable of actually get helpful facts concerning
    my study and knowledge.

  22. I’m glad you all were able to find this list helpful. That’s excellent!

  23. Dorothy Campbell

    HI– I really benefited from reading your post and will spend months probably trying to experiment with all the various sites and resources. I have been helping my granddaughter with her reading skills, and she loves the computer– but tends to go to all the math games! Thanks for the invaluable resource!

  24. With it’s tripod adapter it’s quite hand to mount and place for secure video recording or streaming.

  25. Karen, we just recently learned about web 2.0 tools in our online digital class. They can be amazing! The ones you have mentioned are different from the ones I have seen! Eduslide was one of my favorite by the way! Can’t wait to implement these into my teaching strategies!

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