21st Century Students need 21st Century Teachers

I’m recycling a couple of videos that I have posted in the past, mostly because I believe that they’re worth watching again.  These videos – the original higher ed version of “A Vision of Students Today” by Mike Wesch, the spin-off , called “A Vision of K-12 Students Today”, and “The Networked Student”, created by Wendy Drexler‘s high school students  – bring to mind many thoughts that I find both challenging and encouraging.  Hopefully you will, too.

Students are moving forward, in terms of technology, and they are finding limitless opportunities to explore and create on-line.  Are we making sure that we teach them how to do this wisely?  Are we building on these innate interests and talents?  Are we harnessing the power of technology to optimize their educational experience?

A Vision of Students Today (higher-ed)

A Vision of K-12 Students Today

Networked Student (by students)


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9 responses to “21st Century Students need 21st Century Teachers

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  2. Excellent post! As educators we MUST be able to use the technology. I am so happy when I find educators such as yourself that understand technology, and are using it in an effective manner.
    Keep it up, I am going to add your rss feed.

  3. ncameron

    As a teacher, who has just started getting her master’s in Integrating Technology into the Classroom, I really appreciated the video’s. These helped inspire me and energize me in my future adventures in using technology into my classroom. Thank you! I will be sharing this with my fellow classmates. I am a new teacher and I am very excited about what is to come. However, it is scary to see how teachers around me who just will not move forward with technology. How long do you think it will take to get everyone on the same page?

  4. Nathan M

    In todays society and generation of students, it is imperative that teachers today be of the 21st century. This is recognizing the importance of technology in the classroom and the benefits they provide to students today. A teacher today has to approach their students in the format their learning styles are today. For many, that is technology in all areas. This is a great post and I think it is time for more and more teachers to rise up and meet the needs f their students through technology.


  6. I really appreciate your videos and already shared this with my fellow teachers. They all love it. Indeed it is imperative that we are to be 21st century teachers. We are to be innovative and updated. Thanks for this wonderful post. I really appreciate positive posts like this.

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