A Vision of K-12 Students Today

I’m coining a new phrase: “spelinking”, def: the act of exploring links.

I came across this video by looking at Bill Graziadei’s glog, which I heard about from Elizabeth Koh who bookmarked it to the Classroom 2.0 group on Diigo.

This is oddly similar to Mike Wesch‘s ‘A Vision of Students Today’, the focus of which was college students. Regardless, it is interesting and relevant.


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2 responses to “A Vision of K-12 Students Today

  1. Mark

    I came across your blog and am very intrigued by your thoughts and musings. I’m presently directing instructional technology at a college, and have started a new technology innovations unit which is incorporating the principles of andragogy and Education 3.0. I have special interest since college is the transitional middle ground between K-12 and the university.

    BTW, in a previous life I taught HS Physics and most other sciences. 🙂

  2. Kate Klingensmith

    Thanks for your kind words, Mark! I just started my blog and all of this web 2.0 stuff about two months ago, and I’m blown away almost every day by what I find.

    If you’re not already in it, you should join the Classroom 2.0 group on Diigo. I find at least one, if not five, interesting sites through the group every day.

    Do you have a blog? Twitter?

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