Part 1: Ideas About how Web 2.0 fits in with Education

Here are a few fundamental findings that I’ve either gathered from the collective knowledge of educators making noise on the web or that I have observed firsthand in my own classroom:

1) Web 2.0 is emerging as an incredible tool for learning and collaboration.

2) The more access a student has to information, the more opportunity he/she has to learn, apply what is learned, and come up with new ideas and innovations.

3) With more collaboration, comes more access to more information – discussion and reflection can uncover many more connections and, thus, different ideas and approaches.

4) Integrating Web 2.0 into instruction will provide more opportunity for student collaboration and, therefore, access to information and, ultimately, will lead to a richer learning experience resulting in new ideas and innovations.

The challenge that educators face is finding ways to integrate technology so that its use encourages participation, engagement, collaboration, and innovation. Can we do this?

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