Web 2.0 course – everyone can learn something!

Work Literacy and The eLearning Guild are holding an on-line course, with weekly topics and activities to help anyone, anywhere get a better grasp on web 2.0 tools and the seemingly magical powers that they can have, if understood and used appropriately.

This week, the topic is ‘Social Networking’ – we’re exploring how Facebook, LinkedIn, and Ning can be used for personal professional development and to facilitate learning, and also what concerns people have about privacy and managing multiple networks.

This course will run through November 7th, with the following weekly topics:

Week 2–Social Bookmarking and Tagging
Week 3– Blogs
Week 4–Aggregators and RSS Feeds
Week 5–Wikis
Week 6–Pulling it all Together

Everything is self-paced, and here are 3 different levels of participation – spectator, joiner/collector, and creator. No pressure to do anything – it’s up to you how deep you want to get into it. The facilitators are Michele Martin, Harold Jarche, and Tony Karrer – they are doing an outstanding job in helping others expand their ideas and skill-sets.


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