Procedural Knowledge

Tony Karrer posted an interesting article yesterday: “Know Where You Can Find Anything” which brought up the point that, these days, there is a much greater need for students to have ‘search skills’ and ‘network skills’ than to master a ton of content.

This reminded me of a post by Michael Staton in February called “Content Knowledge is Dead”. I don’t completely agree with this statement, but I do agree that there must be a change in what we’re teaching our high school and college students. They need to know how to problem-solve, to locate and effectively use resources, and to collaborate with others. Whether or not state standards are updated to reflect this need, I have faith that educators will not let their students fall behind. But, with everything on their plates, how can they possibly find the time or energy to adapt their curricula? I think that I know the answer: you and me. We are going to make sure that this happens.

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