Some Interesting Links

I must admit that I’m borrowing this idea from the incredible Vicki Davis, but I’ve been coming across so many neat websites that I’ve just got to share them:

Create Debate – A new social network focused on discussing issues (or non-issues, for that mater!). Easy to use, a debate could be set up by a teacher, or the site could be used to help students practice formulating arguments. (thanks to David Warlick for posting about this) – this has to be the easiest, most accessible blog EVER! No need to register, just send an email to and you’ve got an entry with the subject line as your heading and the body of the email as your post.

The New York Time Learning Network Lesson Plans – this has lesson plans that are so flushed out that you’re certain to find something that you can use. They bridge literacy with current events and in-depth synthesis of recent articles, with links and a huge range of questions and activities surrounding the articles. The home page has many more resources for teachers, as well as for students, such as the ‘test prep question of the day’.

An innovative video explaining the beauty of Web 2.0 on YouTube.

An Anthropological Introduction to YouTube – Captivating presentation on the evolution and relevance of YouTube in breeding collaboration. An hour long, but it’s worth the watch. (thanks to Ewan McIntosh for mentioning it on his blog)

Also, just thought I’d throw in a word-of-the-day:

folksonomy: a type of classification system for online content, created by an individual user who tags information with freely chosen keywords; also, the cooperation of a group of people to create such a classification system. (from

Ex: A key aspect of Web 2.0 is describing content through folksonomies and evaluating content via user-rating. (from SQA)

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