A basic Web 2.0 toolbox for teachers

I just returned from a few days of vacation, only to find myself trying to catch back up with all of the new websites and applications that I have discovered/been shown in the past few weeks.  It took me some time to find all of these, and even more time to figure out how to best put them to use.  Maybe it would be helpful for me to share the collection with others, with brief descriptions and links.


WordPress: Well, you’re already here, which is a good sign that you know what it is.  I highly suggest starting your own blog if you don’t have one because it’s easy, fun, and opens the door to conversation and collaboration.  There are other good, free blogging sites like Blogger, MoveableType, and many more.

Netvibes: This is one of many feed readers, a.k.a. news aggregators or blog managers.  You organize a page where you can keep up with all of the blogs that you read, instead of visiting every single one to see if there have been any new posts.  There are other feed readers, such as Pageflakes and Google Reader, but I like how this one works.

Facebook: Probably the most useful social networking website, especially because of all of the applications that you can run while logged in.

Delicious: A Delicious account allows you to tag, manage and share your web bookmarks.  This is very helpful if you use multiple computers because your bookmarks will now be organized from this website, so that they can be accessed from everywhere.  You can also share bookmarks with other people very easily and see what others are bookmarking.

Wikispaces: A place to put up information, pictures, links, etc, that can be accessed by a specific group of people, such as a class or a group of teachers.  You also have the option of allowing all members to edit the space so that, for example, group pictures can be shared or you can have an open discussion about a classroom topic, and much more.  Forget about group emails!!!  Post new information on your wiki!

Classroom 2.0: A wonderful social networking site for anyone interested in “web 2.0 and collaborative technologies in education”.  Discussion topics are organized very clearly, helping to facilitate rich conversations.  

Dropbox:  A really cool tool that allows people to simultaneously work on the same files and share them over the internet.  This would be very useful for teachers who collaborate on lesson plans and other documents. 

Technorati: A site where you can register your blog and find other blogs based on topic and popularity.  It is a very strong and streamlined blog-search-engine with over 100 million blogs registered.

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